Tuesday, September 16, 2008

For those of you who return here from time to time, I apologize for not having posted a photograph for a while. Real life has been way too intrusive on my time for photography, and the few negatives I've made and scanned haven't been worthy to exhibit. BUT...I have acquired a new camera body...a Mamiya C330...to replace my C220 that has been letting the dark leak out! Ironically, the C330 (which is a more sophisticated camera body than the 220) had major light seal problems that led me to figure out a way to replace them myself using slices of the fuzzy half of the pair of self-adhesive strips that comprise a Velcro kit. Had I been aware of what I now know, I could have repaired the 220 light seals myself. But, the 330 has a much more reliable film advance than the 220, and cocks the shutter at the same time the film is advanced, and kisses me on the lips and makes breakfast...so I'm not sorry I bought it (really inexpensively too...like $95 plus shipping...from a seller on ebay.) I am perpetually grateful for the advent of digital...it's made traditional equipment waaaaaaaay more affordable. For some kinds of work, digital is nearly miraculous, but for contemplative photography of the highest quality (and I mean far, far, better than the best digital) film absolutely rules. (It's fun to be able to say that on my own blog...I don't have to listen to the out-of-tune chorus of rebuttals that usually ensue from such an assertion.)