Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One highlight of our time in Florida was a day at Ginnie Springs. The springs, and there are many of them, are crystal clear and always 72 degrees F. throughout the year. Using newly acquired snorkeling gear, it was a real treat to dive in water that is so utterly transparent. When I'd had enough of the water, I took out the C220 and made these nesr the mouth of the spring. (I'm still so new to the area that I continue to be impressed by palm trees, and cypresses...)

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Gail said...

John,I've never seen a cypress :o) As usual,your prints are lovely.I have a favor to ask..I'm trying to explain why I don't often offer comments on work like yours,because my eye is not trained to look for what a photographers eye looks for.[and I *do* hesitate to look lke a dork :O)]I see most of your prints more in a textural sense than a compostional one,does that make sense?Can I reprint,only to a post in my blog, [if you count from the top of your blog down]#21,and if I ask very nice,either 4,5,or 6? They all have a texture or essence that I love.Is it possible to post them? I understand if it's not,I don't know if you'll use them in show or not,and didn't want to just import them without asking.
My thanks,and all the best to you and your family :o)