Sunday, October 7, 2007

Yesterday morning (Saturday, October 7th) was muggy and warm with pervasive fog and mist. I was again hoping for something terrific on the Hudson at the Bear Mountain Bridge, but it was so foggy there was nothing to see. Returning by Bear Mountain State Park, I was able to see that Hessian Lake looked interesting, so I parked and schlepped the Shen-Hao (a 4x5 field camera) and attendant gear there and found the images below. It has been a while since I've used this camera because it can be very cumbersome to carry, but I really enjoyed using it this time. I only have two lenses mounted for it at the moment which are a Schneider 150mm G Claron, and a 250 mm Fujinon. These were made with the 150mm. As usual, everyone who walks by stares at the thing and will typically ask if it's "one of those really old fashioned cameras", to which I reply that it is. They are a bit perplexed that anyone would use such a device. At least I don't tell them it's a Hassleblad.


Steve Indvik said...

My wooden Tachihara 4x5 has been confidently mistaken as a movie camera and an original Polaroid camera. Once, down in Texas, I was nearly arrested as a spy one Sunday when working in a contstruction sit with my old Calumet!

Wonderful pictures. The quiet is deafening.

Steve Indvik

John Voss said...

Thank you for your several comments, Steve. My P67 was regarded with hostility by an onion farmer who thought I was a surveyor working for a developer of the land adjacent to his. I had to go to great lengths to assure him I was using a camera and not a transit.