Monday, September 3, 2007

These two photographs were made the same early morning within a few yards of each other. It was a beautiful day with crisp air and warm sun. There was frost on the grass, and nascent flowers on the trees. They were taken at the 'Goose Pond' which is a shallow body of water bordered by a jog/walk/bike path of about a mile and a half in circumference in the village of Monroe near where I live.

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Steve Indvik said...

Hi John,
Just perusing your wonderful website. I never new NY was so beatutiful - at least that part near one of your cameras!

Regarding Hasselbland lust, I own a mint SL66 three lens system, but use one of my Rollei TLRs about 75% of the time and the 4x5 about 20%. I find the SLRs only shine when doing close-ups. Many of the pictures Strand took of his garden at Orgeval were made with a C220 with the porrofinder.

Steve (from APUG)